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Welcoming Dr Mirkhalaf to the team!

We welcome Dr Mohammad Mirkhalaf to the team!

Dr Mirkhalaf finished his bachelor’s at Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), Master’s at Nanyang technological university (NTU), and PhD at McGill University. After finishing PhD in May 2015, he joined National Research Council of Canada as a postdoctoral fellow working closely with his previous lab at McGill till Aug 2018. His research has so far has resulted in sixteen original research articles in high-profile journals (twelve of which he is the first author), two book chapters and a United States patent. Particularly, he has first-authored research papers in Nature Communications and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). He has won several prestigious awards such as NSERC (Canada main funding agency) postdoctoral fellowship, FQRNT (Quebec funding agency) postdoctoral award, McGill engineering doctoral award and A*Star graduate scholarship. He has also been teaching at McGill, NTU and IUT.