ARC Training Centre for Innovative BioEngineering (ARCTCIBE) is funded by Australian Research Council (ARC).
It was launched in 2018.



“We are training the future leaders of the Australian medical technology industry – technical and entrepreneurial bioengineers with the skills to develop and manage research from the bench, to the clinic, through regulators and to the production-line.”



The Centre will train the next generation of bioengineers capable of solving the complex problems of tomorrow’s medical industry. Centre researchers will graduate with commercial awareness of medical technologies, the ability to identify and solve problems that address significant commercial and clinical needs, and with an intuitive understanding of what will make a technology successful. At the completion of the Research Program, our early career researchers will be prepared to be best of both academic and industrial worlds, with a high-level of understanding, proficiency, and abilities for:

Conducting innovative biomedical research

engaging and communicating effectively with end-users

critically assessing a medical technology, appreciating end-user needs

identifying commercial needs

working effectively with clinicians

tackling highly technical and analytical tasks

developing regulatory documentation

an understanding of a robust GMP quality process

Our efforts will set a new benchmark for training medical and bioengineering researchers. Centre alumni will be highly sought after in the medical technology field, with broad skillsets will make them an ideal hire to take up any aspect of the research and development of a medical technology. Their ties to Universities will strengthen future collaboration and the further integration of University research in the medical industry


Training highly skilled bioengineers with broad technical and entrepreneurial skills

We will award PhD stipends to highly motivated candidates driven by the need to invent and to push their technology into industry partnerships and into the clinic and to nurture it as it develops.


Research and develop novel technologies with tangible benefits to our industry partners and the Australian medical technology industry

The total nine projects will include research publications, patents, development candidates for clinical assessment, improvements to production and manufacturing processes.


Inspiring the next generation of higher degree research students

We have developed the “BioTech Futures Challenge” within the Centre. This training and mentoring program will inspire pre-tertiary students toward further studies in bioengineering and biotechnology related fields.


Integrate with entrepreneurial training programs

Centre will foster an entrepreneurial and provide Centre personnel with expertise

and business training not provided in academia.


Developing professional skills for Centre personnel

Centre Personnel will be trained with unique professional training programs that are not regularly available within academia.


University-wide training for all ITTC/ITRP Centres

We aim to engage and offer training to all ITTC and ITRP programs running across Australia. We will maintain and publish a database of all events, workshops and training that the Centre is supporting.


Centre visibility

As the Centre is funded with public money, the Centre feels a strong sense of responsibility to communicate its activities and engage with the public. The Centre will communicate all activities through our Centre website:, and regularly update social media channels. CI’s and PIs will be encouraged to take opportunities to represent the Centre in public media fora.

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