Next-Generation Biomedical Researcher Initiative 2021

This video lecture and Q&A is the product of the Next-Generation Biomedical Researcher Initiative established by a team of PhD candidates and academics in the School of Biomedical Engineering. This initiative informs undergraduate students and piques their interests in postgraduate research in biomedical engineering by having current Sydney University PhD researchers engage directly with the undergraduate students. The PhD candidates presented their cutting-edge doctoral research, followed by an interactive Q&A session with the participants in each forum.


Ben. M Ferguson, one of our PhD candidates in the centre who organised this initiative, writes:

            “The reason that we established this initiative is to dispel many of the commonly held misconceptions that undergraduate students have about an engineering PhD. Often, undergraduate students believe that an engineering PhD is just esoteric, theoretical research of little practical benefit to society. Also, undergraduate students believe when they graduate from their PhD they will have little employment opportunities because they have developed a deep but narrow skillset. This lecture was designed to dispel many of these misconceptions by having actual PhD students talk about their own experiences and show how applied their biomedical research really is. We also describe some examples of engineering PhD alumni from The University of Sydney who went on to have a significant impact in industry, startups and academia as a result of their PhD research.

Our team thought that a great way of connecting with the undergraduate students on PhD career pathways would be to have current PhD students deliver this lecture. The students seemed to find it more relatable and familiar hearing from PhD students because we were in their position only a few years ago.

Hopefully, the impact of this initiative will be to inspire the next generation of biomedical researchers to apply for a biomedical PhD, and to grow the amount of high-calibre research and innovation coming out of Australian universities.”

When: June, 2021
Organiser: Ben M. Ferguson
Hosted by: Dr Andre Kyme

Planning: Matilda Longfield
PhD Presenters: Ben M. Ferguson, Jett van der Wallen, Sam van Bohemen, Jacinta Cleary, Matilda Longfield and Claudia Moratti
Q&A Moderator: Prof. Gregg Suaning
Sponsors of the audio-visual production: Prof. Qing Li, Prof. Gregg Suaning, Prof. Alistair McEwan, Dr Andre Kyme

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