Mr. Zizhen Ding 
Project: 4D printing of ceramics
Supervisors: Prof. Hala Zreiqat & Dr. Seyed Mirkhalaf Valashani

” Working as an honours student under the supervision of Professor Hala and Dr Mohammad has put a tremendous impact on my attitude towards the research life. Their attention to details when conducting research projects along with the commitment to continually advance and develop innovative bioengineering technologies continuously impresses me.” 

Miss. Tiane O’Connor
Project: Magnisium and cell senescence
Supervisors: Prof. Hala Zreiqat & Dr. Zufu Lu

Being able to undertake research projects whilst still completing my undergraduate degree has been extremely valuable towards driving my passion for biomedical engineering. Prof Hala and Dr Zufu have continually driven me to understand the importance of each skill I am learning and have taken time out of their schedules to help me build my knowledge and confidence. Their confidence in me to undertake a project on my own is something that I will eternally be grateful for.” 

Miss. Aina Hazeera Mohamad Hadi
Project: Red-emissive Carbon Dots for Bioimaging Application
Supervisors: Prof. Hala Zreiqat & Mr. Pooria Lesani

Undertaking my honours project under the supervision of Prof Hala and Pooria at ARCTCIBE has been absolutely rewarding as they have provided me with immense support and encouragement throughout my time here. It has also been a privilege to work alongside other researchers in the facility who share the same passion and drive for biomedical engineering.”   

Mr. Zhenxu Yang
Project: Chiral gold nanoparticles: synthesis and evaluation of biological response
Supervisors: Prof. Hala Zreiqat & Dr. Gurvinder Singh

” During my honours thesis (Bachelor of Engineering – Biomedical), I had the privilege to work with Dr. Gurvinder Singh, Dr. Zufu Lu, and Prof. Hala Zreiqat. The project was challenging since it required expertise from both material science and biological science; however, it was an inspiring and gratifying experience that motivated me to continue into a Ph.D. study at USYD. I also had the opportunity to produce Biomedical outreach videos relating to nanoscience with Dr. Young No. I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Singh, Dr. Lu, and Prof. Zreiqat for their unconditional support.”   

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