• Imaging
  • Biomaterials
  • Biodevices
Separated into 9 projects

Theme #1: Medical imaging

  • PIs – Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, CIs – Kumar, Feng, Kim, Q Li, Postdoc – Lei Bi;

    1.Clinical data

    2.Novel segmentation, visualisation and modelling algorithms

    3.Supporting diagnosis and surgical planning

    4.Improved diagnosis and postsurgical outcomes

Example image and rendering of tumour

Theme #2: Biomaterials

  • PIs – Allegra, Osseointegration, Peter Brehm, CIs – Berndt, Ivanova, Dunstan, Nisbet, Q Li, J Li, Williams, Postdoc – Zufu Lu;

    1.Development of novel ceramic materials for MSK applications

    2.Novel fabrication technologies including 3D printing ceramics

    3.Antimicrobial ceramic materials

    4.Development of plasma spraying surface modification technologies for orthopaedic applications

    5.Novel quick release orthopaedics

Progress made printing 3D ceramics

Theme #3: Biodevices

  • PIs – Osseointegration, CIs – McEwan, Chandrawati, Postdoc – Truong;

    1.Develop implantable sensor and stimulation system

    2.monitor rehabilitation and implant failure

    3.indicate factors that influence the healing process such as osteoporosis, implant fatigue, wear, and mechanical stimulation

    4.optimise patient health and surgical outcomes

9 Projects

Project #1: Deep neural networks for omni-modality MSK image analysis

Investigators: Kumar, Feng, Kim, Fulham (RPA), ICPD1, ICHDR1

Project #2: Advanced 3D visualisation of MSK imaging

Investigators: Kim, Feng, Kumar, Fulham (RPA), ICPD1, ICHDR2 

Project #3: Novel 3D-printed scaffolds to promote spinal fusion

Investigators: Zreiqat, Dunstan, Roohani-Esfahani, J. Li, Sadeghpour (Allegra), ICPD1, ICPD2, ICHDR3

Project #4: Bioactive ceramic coatings with antimicrobial properties to increase orthopaedic implant longevity

Investigators: Zreiqat, Dunstan, Berndt (SUT), Kappelt (Peter Brehm), Al Muderis (Osseointegration), Sadeghpour (Allegra), ICPD2, ICHDR4, ICHDR5 (SUT

Project #5: Quick-release, fail-safe connector between osseointegration implants and artificial limbs

Investigators: J. Li, Al Muderis (Osseointegration), ICPD2, ICHDR6

Project #6: Optimisation of bone scaffolds by design of pore geometry to modulate permeability and diffusivity

Investigators: Roohani-Esfahani, Q. Li, Sadeghpour (Allegra), ICPD2, ICHDR7

Project #7: Implantable biosensors to monitor and stimulate tissue regeneration

Investigators: Zreiqat, McEwan, Chandrawati, Al Muderis (Osseointegration), ICPD3, ICHDR8, ICHDR9 

Project 8: Smart dressings to diagnose, stimulate and monitor musculoskeletal tissue

Investigators: McEwan, Chandrawati, Rutkove (Harvard), Smith (Ti2 Medical), ICPD3, ICHDR10

Project 9: Computational modelling and biomechanics for implant design

Investigators: Q. Li, Kim, McEwan, ICPD1, ICPD3, ICHDR11, ICHDR12


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