30 November 2020

Ultra-sensitive nano-sensor for iron disorders

The University of Sydney’s Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Research Unit and the Australian Research Centre for Innovative BioEngineering have developed a hypersensitive nano-sensor to detect harmful ‘free’ iron disorders.



General article on AOA

An article published on AOA ( Australian Orthopaedic Association) Bulletin Volume 42 No 2, Winter 2020

Title: Australian centre boosting biomedical engineering research
and development for mus culoskeletal conditions

Author: Professor Hala Zreiqat

29 July 2020

Hala Zreiqat wants to 3D print new bones on demand

Featured article on CREATE magazine.

Repairing skeletal damage could come with the press of a printer button, if Hala Zreiqat can realise the potential of her biomedical innovations.


4 October 2018

Hala's research story highlighted by Aus ltd

Visionary biomaterials and tissue engineer Hala Zreiqat has invented the world’s first 3D-printed porous synthetic bone that mimics bone mechanical strength and promotes new bone growth. But her dreams of medical revolution don’t stop there.

31 May 2018

Centre Scimex article: "New training Centre for rising biomedical innovators in Sydney"

A feature article on our Centre has been written at Scimex


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10 january 2018

Centre Splice article: "3D Printed Implant Transforms Into Real Bone"

An article on the Centre has been written at splice! “3D Printed Implant Transforms Into Real Bone”

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