August 2020

Workshop: Online tools for students engagement

Date: 9/08/2020
Facilitators: Dr. Young No and Dr. Stephanie Yee
Venue: Zoom

Contact: ros.wu@sydney.edu.au

December 2020

symposium: Personal Journeys to Translation

Date: 14/12/2020
Organizers: Professor Fiona Wood/ARCTCIBE
Venue: Zoom

Contact: ros.wu@sydney.edu.au

10 November 2020

symposium: The 2nd Musculoskeletal Workshop

Date: TBA
Organizers: Sydney Musculoskeletal, Bone & Joint Health/ARCTCIBE
Venue: Zoom / webinar

Contact: ros.wu@sydney.edu.au

February 2021

Date: 8-9 Feb 2021
Organizers: ARCTCIBE
Venue: TBA

Contact: biotech.futures@sydney.edu.au

Tel: 0061 2 9114 4607
Email: artcibe@sydney.edu.au



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